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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Clamoris is set to release their debut album “Opus Limbonica”

Finnish neoclassical symphonic melodic death metal band Clamoris is set to release their debut album “Opus Limbonica” on October 28th 2022 via Inverse Records. The second single “A Window to My Dreams” is released.

Composer and lyricist Sami Selkäinaho comments:

“The second single from Opus Limbonica, “A Window to My Dreams”, is the mid-point of the album. The song is dark and hateful, yet driven by melody. It contains some of the trickiest leadworks in all of Opus Limbonica.

Containing a lot of different passages, the song is glued together by firey guitar and synth leadwork and the chorus sections. Tempowise, the song represents the more mid-tempo material of the album but still has the characteristic neoclassical elements of the album.

“A Window to My Dreams” is inspired by the earlier works of Symphony X, Children of Bodom and The Kovenant and puts the emphasis on melodic riffs and especially neoclassical leads.”

Promo picture by Hannu Vättö