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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Claustrofobia launches making of “Riff Cult”

One of the biggest names in national metal, the band Claustrofobia, promotes the first part of the making of the recordings of the video clip for the single “Riff Cult”. The video clip shows vocalist Marcus D’Angelo performing his tattoo at the High Voltage studio in L.A, of the famous Kate Von D, made by Carlos Aguilar (Blackshadows Tattoo).

Carlos is a renowned Chilean tattoo artist, who lived in Brazil and a longtime colleague of Marcus:

“I met Carlos for a while, at the time of the ‘Thrasher’ recordings he was always in the studio, then he moved to Europe and we met few times, today he lives in LA and works at High Voltage, he became one of the most respected tattoo artists of the Dark Images style in the world, so it was automatic to call him and talk about the project of tattooing the name of the song and eternalizing that moment in the video and on the cover of the single.”

One of the highlights of the video clip was the recording in the studio of the famous Kate Von D, who came across the whole idea of ​​the tattoo and recording.

cMarcus D’ngelo complements:

“As a great friend. He spoke to Kat, who accepted it very well, was super kind. High Voltage has a very special atmosphere, and a magical place, many artists have been there, it was really very special. An Honor .”

To show fans all the details and publicize the new phase of the band, Claustrofobia will launch the second part of the marking of soon, showing the recordings in the studio and the edition made by drummer Caio D’Angelo.
The song is a celebration and tribute to guitar riffs, featuring death, groove and thrash metal riffs, and is a very special song for the band, which chose to release it as an independent single, as it brings the traditional structure of Claustrofobia mixed with the modern footprint that the band currently presents.

“Riff Cult” received great reviews from the international media and after launching on streaming platforms, it was added to Spotify’s official playlist “Thrashers”, alongside big names in thrash / death metal. The track was released by Canil Records and is available on all digital platforms.

Formed and led by the D’Angelo brothers in 1994 in Brazil, the power trio definitely achieves its status as one of the ambassadors of Brazilian heavy metal, accumulating years of experience and the unmistakable enthusiasm that has won countless shows, such as the tour that crossed the United States in 2019 as co-headliners of the band Mas, opetening for Slayer’s farewell tour in São Paulo, and performing at Rock in Rio 2019 alongside the bands Nervosa, Torture Squad, Anthrax and Slayer.