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Friday, March 24, 2023

Claymorean presented their new music video for “Spirit of Merciless Time”

Lazarevac (Serbia) based heavy metal band Claymorean released their 2nd music video off their latest studio album “Eulogy for the Gods” (Stormspell Records). The video was premiered on NWOTHM Full Albums youtube channel.

This time band decided to go full force with a classic power metal song “Spirit of Merciless Time”. The song was co-written respectively by Uroš Kovačević (guitarist/music), Dejana Garčević (vocalist/music) and Vladimir Garčević (guitarist/music and lyrics). Video was filmed, edited and directed by Milan Dexter Savić (Studio C47), while the principal photography was in the hands and eyes of Stefan Vidojević. The conceptual art and the leading role in this video were marvelously executed by the artist Isidora Simić who, together with director Savić, created the visual landscape and the storyline for this song. Sound was mixed and mastered by the band’s long time producer Boris Šurlan (Midnight Studio).

Band states:

” “Spirit of Merciless Time” symbolizes a tale of centuries-old enslavement of women throughout the human history. Though their status significantly changed for the better, starting from the second part of the XX century, there are still endless cases of exploitation and mistreatment of women all over our planet, whether as cases of physical and psychological violence or simply as the acts of judicial and social inequality. We want to raise the awareness on the current situation, specifically on the patriarchal indoctrination and pressure religious organizations and societies have on women and young girls. Every year an average of 66,000 women are violently killed globally, accounting for approximately 17% of all victims of intentional homicides. Between June 2017 and June 2020 84 women were killed in Serbia. Most of these cases were connected to abusive relationships, in which abuser’s jealousy and victim leaving the abuser were identified as the high-risk factors for these atrocities.

“No human being’s natural state is to exist in forced servitude, just as no human being’s natural state is to own another.” “

Photography: Stefan Vidojević