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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Coathanger Abortion return with their devastating new album

More than twenty years into a career of bludgeoning, battering brilliance and Tennessee’s Coathanger Abortion have returned with their third full length album; bringing together all the elements that have made them such a renowned name on the underground death metal scene and then lifting everything to the next level. Shocking, confrontational, sickeningly heavy and armed with some of the genre’s finest examples of accomplished song writing, Coathanger Abortion present the mind-blowing metal assault of “Plan C”.

Since their first demo release, back in 2003, Coathanger Abortion have always been about so much more than ‘that name’. Of course the band’s infamous moniker has done its job – no one ever forgets it once they’ve heard it – but those who’ve braved the albums released under that banner are often shocked by just how damn good Coathanger Abortion really are. And with “Plan C” they’ve just got even better! Absolutely pulverising in terms of sheer bloody heaviness, this album also combines rich texture, unsettling melody, groove, intensity, consuming atmosphere and wickedly barbed, memorable hooks. Seven new original tracks, including “Dissecting Society” with its shifting tempos and muscular power and the fear infused aura of “What Lies Underneath”, are completed by a rigorous rampage through the Broken Hope classic “Cannibal Crave”, featuring guest vocals from Damian Leski (Broken Hope, Gorgasm) – that this legendary slice of death metal history slots seamlessly into the arsenal of Coathanger Abortion material shows just how good this album is.

United once more with Comatose Music, the label that have supported their two previous full length albums, Coathanger Abortion are ready to begin what will surely be the most successful chapter in their story so far. On October 21st the magnificent monster that is “Plan C” will be uncaged and the blinkered majority will again be running for cover. It’s time to welcome back the blood-splattered anti-heroes of death metal

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