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Monday, December 4, 2023

Crematory release new single “Trümmerwelten”

Shortly after dropping their new album, “Inglorious Darkness”, at the end of May and entering the German charts at #17, the gothic metal veterans are releasing another single from their successful album.

Standout track “Trümmerwelten” lyrically illustrates a dystopian scene, while opulent keyboards build epic melodies to create orchestral, symphonic soundscapes underlined by heavy drumming. The song comes with a dark music video visualizing the song’s atmosphere. “Trümmerwelten” is the fourth video for the current chart album “Inglorious Darkness”. The band decided to post this video additionally after the release date, because the subject of the lyrics unfortunately fit much too well to the current situation with the Russian war. It’s their way to say “Fuck War – make music!”

Crematory on the chart entry:

“We are overjoyed and especially very grateful to our fans that even after more than 30 years of band history our fans are still so loyal and support us again and diligently bought records bought records, CD’s and boxes. Fans are the most important thing a band needs and we have and we will never forget that, because you make our dream come true again and again. Many, many, many thanks!”