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Friday, September 17, 2021

Crippled Black Phoenix release second track of “Ellengæst”

Crippled Black Phoenix are now premiering the second new track of their upcoming album “Ellengæst”, which is set for world wide release on October 9, 2020. The track “Lost” is now available in the form of a hard-hitting music video with a strong message.

Mastermind Justin Greaves comments on the track:

“As the quote goes from Belinda’s lyrics “The dangerous nature of an ignorant mind, the final fall for mankind”. This line stands out to represent our feelings on the subject of global and human decline.

Generally people know more of what happens in the world than they’re willing to face, instead they turn away and choose to ignore things that are uncomfortable or inconvenient. Well, we’d like to invite those people to be aware and maybe get some fucking empathy!

As for the song itself, Belinda really took the bull by the horns and wrote some of her best lyrics ever, and her delivery is perfect, along with Vincent who adds his powerful voice to the song. You can hear both voices with genuine emotions.

And the video. What can I say? Guilherme has blown us away with his visuals again. Working with the brief, he understood what we were wanting to put across and obviously connected with it as his video is perfect. It is brutal, sad, thought provoking and kind a tragically beautiful. Personally, I think if you don’t feel any reaction to this video then your dead inside.

It is time to wake the fuck up. It is not about politics or religion or profit. It is about ethics, empathy, and integrity for social and global issues. We are all responsible.”

Vocalist and lyricist Belinda kordic ads:

“It is a mad, mad and sad world out there. And excuse my lack of optimism (or not)… it isn’t getting any better. It’s getting far worse. No other living creature on this broken planet exudes such destruction as us humans. The cruelty, lack of empathy and respect for not only each other, but all forms of life.

The saying goes ‘live in the now’ maybe that is the problem? Who cares about the future if ‘I can grab what I want now’ with no care in the world for who or what will suffer or die for it? I think we need to live in the future to see where it is heading….it is not a beautiful sight. And honestly, I do not envy future generations who have to live in this great big mess we leave behind.”