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Monday, September 25, 2023

Cvinger released video from upcoming album

This black metal crusade by the name of Cvinger begun in winter of 2012. It was found by vocalist Lucerus, guitarist Bagot and drummer Kireg Maschine. Cvinger is an old Slovenian word with many meanings. One of them comes from Turkish Wars or Ot-toman wars and was used for first defense wall around church later that word was used for wall witch separated cemetery for the those who committed suicide. Inspired by dark middle ages our journey takes us to our first release “Abyss of Horns” which was first stone of our sound and atmosphere.

Later, band released EP “Monastery of Fallen” (2013), debut album “The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls” (2014) and second studio album titled “Embodied in Incense” (2016).

Now Slovenian band back after 7 years of releasing silence and is going to release decisive third studio album titled “Doctrines by the Figures of Crnobog”.

New Cvinger album will be released digitally and as jewelcase CD in cooperation of Polish label Via Nocturna Records (pre-order). Release date is scheduled for August 25th, 2023. Cover artwork was made by Mitchel Nolte. Bass was recorded by Byting (ex-Gehenna).

Band commentary:

“Our concept represents the last step on the journey of departing from, fear, hate, love, humanity, conscience and all the emotions that misguide us with subjectivity and temptations witch are our worst enemy and a gateway to self destruction. The dissection of our weak body, for our soul to become free of the human curse and to become the supreme being, to become God. Combined in interpreted in slavic ancient paganism. WE ARE NOT PAGAN BLACK METAL, we craft Occult Slavic Black Metal!”.