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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Danilo Nikodinovski will perform as Anneke van Giersbergen special guest

Danilo Nikodinovski has been the spiritus movens of the band Consecration for the last twenty years and one of the main links in Nikola Vranjković’s band for the last ten. Danilo’s playing is characterized by a powerful guitar sound, and the performance in the large DOB hall will be a unique opportunity for him to try out for the first time in a more intimate, low-key performance as a solo performer. Every performance by Danilo is a magical ritual itself, and this concert will represent a complete leap into the unknown.

Anneke Van Giersbergen will perform on November 9th, 2022 in the large hall of the Belgrade Youth Center, organized by MM Concerts, Serbian Hellbangers and Kosmonaut Booking. This will be her first performance in Serbia and on this occasion she will present songs from her rich discography in an acoustic manner.

Anneke started her musical career in 1994 when she joined the legendary gothic doom metal band The Gathering. A year later, they released the influential album “Mandylion”, which immediately became an inspiration to many other bands on the scene such as Therion, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation. However, Anneke and the guys from The Gathering wanted to continue experimenting with sound and by 2006 had recorded a series of great albums, successfully walking through genres that they themselves defined as “trip-rock”.

After 13 years with The Gathering, Anneke started her solo career in 2007. Already from the first project Agua De Annique showed that her creativity has no limits. Since then, she has recorded six solo studio albums, led the bands The Gentle Storm and Vuur, recorded and performed several times with the Canadian metal genius Devin Townsend, and with her calm but powerful voice colored the songs of the bands: Anathema, Ayreon, Amorphis, Moonspell, Within Temptation and others. .

The current album “The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest” achieved great success among fans and critics. The intimate sound of this record will be adequately presented on the upcoming tour.