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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Death Dealer release “Running With The Wolves”

The band Death Dealer lead by Ross The Boss has issued a second track, “Running with the Wolves,” as a preview of their forthcoming 3rd record, “Conquered Lands”, to be released worldwide November 13, 2020, through Steel Cartel.

Death Dealer has an all-star heavy metal roster featuring the aforementioned Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar) Sean Peck: vocals (Cage, The Three Tremors, Denner/Shermann), Stu Marshall: guitar (Dungeon, Night Legion), Steve Bolognese: drums (Ross The Boss Band, Into Eternity), and newly added bass player extraordinaire Mike Lepond (Symphony-X, Ross The Boss Band).


“‘Conquered Lands’ has a lot of heavy fast stuff on it but this song really has a rocking vibe and great energy. It is one of my personal favorites on our new record.”


“It is always a challenge to decide what songs to do videos for when you are promoting a record. I dig the hook on it and it is a fun song about being in Death Dealer. I always like bands that do songs about kicking ass. I was cracking myself up as I wrote the lyrics. It goes back to the KISS days I would say even.”


“We had a ton of footage from that great tour and the video captures the crazy energy we generate at these shows and how the crowd reacts to the band and our songs. I am really looking forward to playing these new songs of ‘Conquered Lands’ live eventually.”