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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Death Reich unveil the new single “World War”

Swedish death metallers Death Reich unveil the new single “World War”, taken from their debut album “Disharmony” which will be released on March 17th 2023 via Non Serviam Records.

“‘World War’ is a song about oppression of humans. The inhumane world view carried by the ones in power. As long as there is profit and power to gain no human cost is to great. Humans are mere pawns to be sacrificed as they see fit as long as it suits their agenda”,

comments the band founded by Jonas Blom (Runemagick, ex- Sacramentum, Trident, Grief Of Emerald and One Man Army and the Undead Quartet) in 2018.

“Disharmony” will be available on CD, LP and digital.

“Dissimulation” violently represents the darkest sides of the human race.

“Even though humans are considered the most intelligent species on earth by many, we have proven over and over again that we can’t coexist with anyone or anything without there being carnage, famine, eradication, suffering and so forth. As long as this continues there will always be disharmony”,

explains the band.

The track listening reads as follows:
1. Disharmony
2. World War
3. In Serpents Skin
4. Dissimulation
5. Hysteria
6. Oblivion
7. Suffocation
8. Fall Of Kings
9. Vermin
10. Atrocity
11. The Death Of The Peace Of Westphalian

Death Reich are:
Jonas Blom – drums
Johnny Lehto – vocals
Christer Bergqvist – guitars
Robert Babic – guitars
Robert Axelsson – bass

Photo by Jens Holmeros