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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Death/thrash metal horde Mefisto releases new single “Blades Of Lucifer”

The death/thrash metal powerhouse Mefisto has released a new single! The track is called “Blades Of Lucifer” and it anticipates the new album “Phosphorus”, set to be released as digipak CD, cassette, streaming, and digital download on July 13 via GMR Music Group.

With the new album “Phosphorus” the band has recovered its thrash metal roots and added an atmospheric sound with organ, theremin, choirs, dark guitar harmonies, energetic drum beats, and shredding heavy metal guitar solos – all whilst retaining their original death metal sound.

The album is recorded, produced, and mastered by Mike Wead (King Diamond/Mercyful Fate guitarist), and Simon Johansson (Wolf guitarist). Heavier, darker, more sinister, more melodic, more varied than earlier albums. Mefisto presents to you an album filled with atmospheric blackened metal.