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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Desecrate The Faith return with colossal new album, “III”

Five years ago Houston’s Desecrate The Faith unleashed their second album, “Unholy Infestation” – a direct and devastating release which had Metal-Rules declaring the band to be amongst “Death Metal’s best and brightest”. Clearly the intervening years have not been spent in idle contemplation of their achievements, because now Desecrate The Faith are back with an even more forceful and uncompromising statement of intent. “III” maybe simply named, but behind that stark title lies an album of staggering intensity, bestial malevolence and absolute destructive power.

Featuring amongst their ranks renowned drummer Mike Caputo (ex-Internal Bleeding, ex-Rings Of Saturn) and demonic vocalist John Hull (Gorgasm), it’s no surprise that Desecrate The Faith are able to deliver top tier brutality to rival the best in the field…but albums as good as “III” are always a shock, no matter where they come from. Superb song writing, technical mastery, vicious, focussed intent and a complete understanding of the brutal death metal art form and the swathes of atmosphere that can lift it to another level have been brought together, fused as one, to create this holocaust of heaviness. Firestorm solos and intricate bass lines rain down upon monstrous, surging riffs carved from pure darkness. A voice born in a womb of nightmares roars out its defiling desires while drums thunder like a satanic war machine – unstoppable and undeniable. Songs like “Vile Of Legion” and “Omnes Ardeat” will tear their way into your mind and leave you haunted by visions of flesh eating terrors.

Comatose Music will deliver this dark gift to the world on November 18th and Desecrate The Faith will take you on a soul grinding trip to hell. “III” will burst from the underworld in a shower of blood and defiance and trample your dogma, doctrine, tradition and faith into the dirt. This is the true power of dark, brutal death metal unveiled.

Bow before the masters at Slam Worldwide where where the single “Upon A Slaughtered Clergy” is streaming now!