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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Destruction reveal “Diabolical (Studio Session)” and new single

German thrash metal icons Destruction celebrate their 40th anniversary with their hard-hitting new full-length, “Diabolical”, out April 8th, 2022 via Napalm Records! Today, the relentless legends reveal their new single, “No Faith In Humanity”, raging uncompromisingly with non-stop headbanging action! As one of the most legendary existing German thrash metal bands, Destruction grace the wall of fame with greats like Kreator, Sodom and Tankard – still going strong after four decades of thrash metal! Prepare for neck breaking energy!

On their 15th studio record, Destruction brings out heavy artillery full of honest and uncompromising thrash metal, catapulting you straight into the seventh heaven of metallic bliss and causing a massacre of razor-sharp sound no fan of the genre should miss!

Destruction singer/bassist Schmier about the new video:

“This back-to-the-roots dystopic crusher drops an in-your-face message: only solidarity is the key for the survival of our kind!”
The sonic performance delivers extreme riffs, pounding drums and a shredding solo-part that shows that Destruction, more than ever, stands for brutal guitars, vociferous vocals, quick as lightning drums and acoustical mayhem! We hope you enjoy it!”

Destruction states about the recording:

“This was the most fun we had working on a record in a very long time and you can hear that. Yes. it was theoretically a difficult album but we did not think this way while we recorded it. We just followed our emotions, jammed and rocked out with a strong gut feeling! This recording was like a therapy to me, we all know how difficult times are at the moment. So I’m super happy how everything turned out!”

Guitar shredder Damir adds:

“It was a real honor for me to record this album. The studio work for Diabolical was very spontaneous and we had a lot of fun creating these dynamic, multifaceted and brutal but diverse songs. I loved every second of working on this record!”