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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

DiGregorio release a new lyric video for “You Know Me”

You’re home, thinking that you’re the only one there. Turning, you see someone who looks familiar but whom you don’t immediately recognize.

“It’s OK. You know me”, is all the person says. No matter what question you ask, you receive only the same answer. Just as you make a move to force your uninvited guest from your abode, she disappears into thin air.

Once again alone, your mind races to make sense of what it just witnessed.

“You Know Me” is the first in a series of 10 lyric videos spanning both chapters of “House of Gregory”. As well as the first video in the series, “You Know Me” is the first song of “House of Gregory, Chapter 1”, setting the scene for the heroine’s unearthly adventure through a ghoulish and enigmatic haunted house.

DiGregorio was born in 2015 when guitarist and songwriter, Suzanne DeCree, decided she was done holding back on her music. For the next year, she focused on writing a song a week and by 2016, she had over 60 songs to choose from. Crafting a storyline befitting the dense, melodramatic and atmospheric music she wrote led to the “House of Gregory” – a 19-song debut album. Culling some of the best session players from Pittsburgh, she worked continually for the next 7 years to bring this haunted house to life.

See the video on YouTube: