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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Dirty Shirt shares next single “Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’” (PART 1&2)”

One of Eastern Europe’s most successful and diverse metal bands, Dirty Shirt is an amalgamation of folk metal, nu-metal, hardcore, metalcore, industrial and alternative rock. Originally, they started as a wedding band and since evolved into a creative, colorful band that plays with a very wide range of musical influences. The next single, or singles, off the upcoming album, is the two parted “Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’”, which means “when good luck was portioned out” when translated to English. The two tracks take their inspiration from a very sad Romanian song, which the band explains further:

“Part one starts with a monotonous and almost funeral ambiance, with a long development in crescendo to the chorus. In part two, the ambiance becomes more psychedelic, with Tool influence on verses. There is an instrumental bridge to the chorus, with gypsy influences, and the chorus in English, with an “elevating” ambiance and an alternative/grunge sound. Except for the English chorus, the lyrics are from traditional music, and it is about the fact that we are confronted with tragedies in our lives. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us not to make the link between the visual and musical atmosphere of the video and what is happening in our neighboring country, Ukraine. It is a sad song, with a sad video, for sad times…”

Donations for UNICEF`s mobilization and support actions for the children of Ukraine: http://​https://help.unicef.org/ukraine-emergency?language=e

The video for “Cand s-o-mpartit norocu’ (Part 1 & 2)” was made by Costin Chioreanu (Ghost, Marylin Manson, Opeth, Carcass, Hypocrisy), a Romanian artist internationally recognized for his unique style of graphics and animation.

Photo Credit – Vladut Ciprian