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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Disarmonia Mundi to release “Fragments of D-Generation” in vinyl limited edition

Originally released in 2004 “Fragments of D-Generation” is the record that catapulted Disarmonia Mundi into the spotlight all over the world, radically changing the status of the italian band from a promising underground cult phenomenon to an iternational point of reference for melodeath in its purest exception.

With “Fragments of D-Generation” the mastermind Ettore Rigotti (multi-instrumentalist, producer and only composer of the band) has developed the archetype of the sound that from then on would have fascinated millions of fans all over the world, bringing it all to the next level with the addition of the well-known vocalist Bjorn Speed Strid from the swedish melodeath titans Soilwork.

Almost twenty years after its original release, the record finally sees the publication of its limited vinyl version by Rockshots Records: songs like “Oceangrave”, “Quicksand Symmetry” or “Swallow The Flames” continue to be the cornerstones of the Disarmonia Mundi discography, demonstrating how the consistency of the compositions has largely stood the test of time.

The powerful and dynamic sound of the band has lost none of its original explosive charge and in anticipation of the imminent release of the new album this is the right opportunity to rediscover a timeless classic from one of the flagships of international melodeath.

This is the very first of the Vinyl Series exclusive vinyl reissues by Rockshots Records.