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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dispyria release single and video “Blue Mirror” feat. Zak Stevens

Dispyria release the eagerly awaited first video featuring Zak Stevens (Savatage, Trans Siberian Orchestra).

The legendary singer himself is very impressed:

“It’s always challenging and rewarding performing songs composed by Juergen Walzer for Dispyria. In my opinion, this is very powerful prog metal with an intense storyline. I had a great time recording the vocals and shooting the video for “Blue Mirror”. My wife Katherine wrote to the lyrics to this song and four others on the album that I performed vocals on. “Blue Mirror” talks about the ability of Marion, the main character, to physically dive into a blue mirror and experience a real and different reality apart from her very difficult real life. The lyrics make it a deep journey, so it was really cool working on this. The story is very deep.”