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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Dol has released new EP “Amor Brutale”

Finnish dark rock/metal band Dol didn`t want to just sit back and watch the world burn during the covid pandemic, instead they used the lockdown and sudden spare time to write their second ep called “Amor Brutale” and that ep is now getting released into the wild. Like before, the music and lyrics were mostly writen by the guitarist/vocalist Eero “Mc” Veri, although this time there was some different methods used as well, like in the song “Pain Walk With Me” that was made by jamming on the band rehersals, as for the others, you could say the basic structures came from Mc and then the whole band put their input into making the songs to what they are now. Also there were a lot of different arrangements tested and ton of demos done before the band went to the actual recording sessions. The actual recordings were done mostly in the bands own studio. Dol went through few all nighters, while tracking the instruments, it all had to be perfect! It was clear from the start that the sound had to be different, than on the first ep, more heavy and to use a lot more samples and programmed elements in the post production. The use of programmed drums was also something, that was decided early on in the production, best example of these being in the song “Dead by September” that is a song about the fall and seasonal depression, that is very common in Finland.

Since the “Amor Brutale” songs are bit more metal and darker, than it`s precursor, it was important to keep the same recognizable Dol sound still there. First single from the ep “Lillith`s Song” might be the closest to the precursors sound, at least lyrically it is staying in the same gothic romantic atmosphere, with it`s biblical and vampyric themes.

Love and it uglier side is also big theme on the ep and so is the mind and it`s darker side. The second single “Hand of Hate” is lyrically a self reflection about the voice in our head, that tells us we are no good and casts judgement over all our doings, some call it ego, some call it devil on the shoulder, some the hand of hate. This song is also the opener on Amor Brutale and should introduce the ep`s theme right away for the listener.

Like said before, the ep was almost completely recorded in the bands own studio, but the rest of the production was done elsewhere. In the early stages of the production Dol got a real metal professional involved into the project, as Stratovarius guitarist Matias Kupiainen joined in, as a co-producter and recording engr(mixing/mastering)

The ep was done in full collaboration with Matias, who often gave priceless advices on production and arrangements and made the songs sound trully awesome!

Photographer: Maria Ilonen