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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Dragonbreed release “Sinister Omen” lyric video

On 22 April, Dragonbreed released their debut album “Necrohedron”, a band whose classic 90s-inspired melodic death metal is not only a mix-up of SuidakrA and Graveworm. While the previously released video clip for “The Undying” shows the band during their studio recordings, the band now follows up with another video, “Sinister Omen”, which pays tribute to the “silent” sixth band member, so to speak, and puts the lyrics as well as the artwork of the album in the foreground. Both come from the creative mind of cover artist Kris Verwimp, who was able to realise a concept story with this album, which had been slumbering in his drawer for a long time and fitted Dragonbreed like a glove. “Sinister Omen” is now available on the MDD YouTube channel. Of course, the album is also available everywhere where there is good music.