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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Dreamora revealed has a second single from their upcoming full-length

Draemora, hailing from Seattle, USA has a second single coming out in support of their upcoming full-length “Death Rectangle”, and they are inviting core lovers worldwide to indulge themselves with the title track now streaming on YouTube.

From the beginning, Draemora knew this song was a single, complete with catchy riffs, pounding drums, and an easy to pick up chorus that will surely be chanted at live shows. The band is really finding their sound with this release; their chemistry is apparent and undoubtedly only going to improve from here. They explain the track in their own words:

“This song is one of the heaviest songs on the album and somehow is still catchy. It has an infectious rhythm to it that just makes you feel like chugging a Monster and punching the shit out of a bunch of drywall (please resist the urge to hurt your mom’s drywall, Kyle). This one was so obviously a single from the time it was just drums and a guitar part in our demo folder, once it had these lyrics and a bangin’ ass mix it just put a big smile on all our faces. Hope you enjoy it.”

The single, along with the rest of the album was lyrically created so that each and every listener can easily imprint their own lives into them. While they all have deep meaning for the band, there are no specific references, so fans can make them into whatever they want them to be. Overall, the album is dark and heavy sounding, a reflection on the general state of the world during the writing and recording process.

Draemora is comprised of seasoned musicians who wanted to take a new musical path and go the distance into creating a sound that is intricate, catchy, and massive. They are suggested listening for those with an interest in Whitechapel, Periphery, and Architects.

The full album “Death Rectangle” comes out on June 18, 2021.