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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Dymytry release new video for “Rise And Shine”

Dymytry release new video for “Rise And Shine”, album “Revolt” out now on AFM Records.

Earlier this year, on January 14th, Czech psy-core metal unit Dymytry released their much acclaimed, sixth studio album, entitled “Revolt”, via AFM Records. Following five successful records to date and a platinum award for their latest release “Revolter”, Dymytry have surprised their fanbase with some special premieres: Revolt, originally recorded exclusively in Czech, is the first international Dymytry album in English language ever, and the debut of new, additional singer Alen “A.L.” Ljubic!

Revolt practically bursts with a high-voltage energy, strong melodies and powerful rhythms driven by mercilessly modern metal. Featuring its three main songwriters Mikhaylov, Jiri “Dymo” Urban and Jan “Gorgy” Görgel (both guitar) as well as with exciting guest appearances by Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson of Brothers Of Metal and Victor Smolski, the band will continue to work with longtime vocalist Protheus in the Czech Republic and with Alen on the international market.

In support of their “Revolt”, now Dymytry have shared a brand new video clip for the powerful track “Rise And Shine”!

Says Alen:

“Couple weeks after our album „Revolt” was released, I received a lot of messages from fans. Many of them told me that „Rise and Shine“ is their favorite song and that it resonates with them. It makes me happy to know that. Rise and Shine is also one of my favorites on the album. An emotional power ballad, motivating and haunting, a reminder to be who you are and stick to your path to greater things in life, without being distracted by what anyone thinks about you.“

Revolt was produced by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner & Hans Koch at the Kohlekeller / Babylon Studios, and is available as CD Digipak and an exclusive Boxset via AFM Records. 

1. Revolt
2. Stronger
3. 300 (Feat. Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson – Brothers Of Metal)
4. Never Gonna Die
5. Rise And Shine
6. Awaking The Monster
7. Until The World Knows Why
8. Touchdown
9. Tick Tock
10. Hope
11. Somebody’s Watching Me (Feat. Victor Smolski / ex-Rage, Almanac)
12. Chernobyl 2.0