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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Earthrise debuts studio video for new single “From Below”

After recently revealing their latest single, “From Below,” critically acclaimed post-metal band Earthrise has followed suit with a subsequent video for the track filmed at SignatureTone Recordings studio in Minneapolis. The song is found on the band’s forthcoming, long-awaited sophomore album, “Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way,” that’s due out October 14th.

“Until We Rest Beneath the Winter Way” frames vignettes into the life and times of Laika, the first animal sent into Earth’s orbit. Each track on “UWRBTWW” represents a slice in history, as she endured it. The album culminates with the launch of Sputnik II, the second major event in humanity’s reach to the heavens, symbolized by a lifeless canine body orbiting the Earth for months on end — a somber meditation on humanity’s innumerable self-inflicted tragedies, as if stuck in orbit, forever.

“Our second single, From Below, illustrates Laika’s time as a stray on the streets of Moscow and her swift capture by the Soviets. The immediacy of launch meant there was little time for her proper care and humane testing, let alone guarantee of her return. Her capture sealed her fate and marked the beginning of the end of her story.”