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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Echolot announce upcoming Aalbum “Curatio”

Echolot, a psychedelic doom metal band based in Basel, Switzerland, is preparing to release its long-awaited album “Curatio” on November 4th, 2022, via Sixteentimes Music.

Echolot explores the bottomless pits of despair with their latest creation, “Curatio”. The 38-minute full-length album’s best visual representation is that of someone staring into the endless night sky, trying to find truths in the universe and, as a result, facing cosmic dread.

The band released the opening track of the album, “Burdens Of Sorrows” on the 4th of August alongside a hauntingly beautiful music video directed and shot by Manuel Guldimann.

“Curatio” was recorded and mixed by Jeroen Van Vulpen, and was mastered by Laurenz Zschokke.

The artwork was created by Manuel Guldimann.

1. Burdens Of Sorrows

2. Countess of Ice

3. Resilience of Floating Forms

4. Wildfire

Echolot are:

Lukas Fuerer – guitar, vocals, samples
Renato Matteucci – bass, vocals, synth
Jonathan Schmidli – drums

“Burdens Of Sorrows” music video credits:

Director & Cinematography: Manuel Guldimann
Editor: Miro Widmer


Jael Andenmatten | girl
Philipp Zwahlen | creature

Costume Designers:

Arlène Sagada Stebler
Manuel Guldimann