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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Eduard Banulescu presents new EP “Bontida”

Bonțida is a border town in Romania, a place where worlds meet and, often, clash. It’s seen its share of wars. This is an anti-war record.

The last year has reminded us that there are plenty of places like this in Europe. Peace and safety should never be taken for granted. Violence and greed always have existed and always will. This is what this EP, titled “Bonțida” is about. It’s about compassion as a recipe for hatred.

“Bonțida” is an EP written and performed by Eduard Bănulescu, singer-songwriter, veteran punk-rock guitarist, and writer for alternative music website Alt77.

All instruments and the singing are handled by Eduard Bănulescu, except for the piano which is played by Florian Sprînceană.

All of the songs are produced by Florian Sprînceană, a Romanian producer and esteemed folk and prog-rock musician.

Musically, “Bonțida” is a mixture of different sounds and moods. It contains the urgency of punk, the turbulence of psychedelia, and the gentleness of folk. It is meant to be alternative music for the modern age.

“Bonțida” is the partner record of the EP “Berlin” which is set to be released later this year.

Two singles, “Long tTme Ago” and “Little Bit”, were released prior to the launch of the EP.

1. Little Bit
2. Lost my Name
3. Fell in the Water
4. Long Time Ago
5. Forgetful

Genre: Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, Folk rock

Similar artists: Chris Cornell, Syd Barrett, Elvis Costello, The Smiths, The Screaming Trees, Tangerine Dream

Eduard Banulescu is a musician and writer from Bucharest, Romania. He writes and performs psychedelic protest rock.

He has released a number of indie-folk singles and an EP. He is also known for his work as guitarist and vocalist for Bucharest-based bands Anomalii (punk rock) and Masha the Cat (electro-rock). He consistently performs live, both as a solo artist and as a member of the groups, having played in some of the best-known local venues.