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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Electrified released “My World On Fire”

“Electrified” starting as German-Greek project band whose music ranges from melodic rock to hard rock. The band was founded in winter 2020 by the guitarists Constantine Markou and Anthimos Manti. After the songs were recorded as demos, the singer Felipe Del Valle was the greatest choice for these songs.

The core factor in electrified is the most people love the melodic “radio” hit songs, so the secret of the band is the combination of hard rock music and “radio” keyboard melodies with catching vocal lines.

About their debut album “My World On Fire”:

All the songs on “electrified” had already started as ideas and demos during the covid quarantine, Anthimos and Constantine were the ones responsible for the creation of the music. Mainly the songs have gone music first and lyrics later. Ιn some songs the keyboards was the main factor of the music.

The recordings took place from November 2020 to February 2021 and the album was mixed and mastering during July 2021 at Valve Studio in Thessaloniki, Greece. Some songs continued to be worked on, for the second album.

Released by Valve Studio Records.

In their debut album “My World On Fire” is included the homonymous single “My World On Fire”.