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Endeavour release dynamic and heavy “Colourblind”

Hailing from The Netherlands, Endeavour is a quintet of metalcore musicians who have established themselves as a formidable presence in the music scene. Their distinctive sound, characterized by pounding drums, infectious melodies, and entrancing guitar riffs, showcases a range of styles from high-energy to melodically atmospheric. The release of their debut album “For The Time Being” takes metalcore into a new and modern direction, exemplified by their next single “Colourblind”,which they comment on:

“Colourblind” is a very good nudge into the direction we want to go in the future. The small and vulnerable first verse is contrasted by a big breakdown with a choir in the background. We’ve learned a lot during the process of making this record, and are happy we are finally able to show it to the world! Some songs have a connection to each other by delving a bit into personal matters, others tell stories that are much broader and less personal. ‘For The Time Being’ captures the contrast between fleeting personal issues and the broader problems we face. They make up a big part of someone’s journey through life but are definitely not always insurmountable, though it does feel like that sometimes.”

“For The Time Being” has a little bit of everything, making it ideal for listeners who enjoy dynamic variety. While they admit it’s not the heaviest metalcore album you’ve heard, they’ve made sure to include some heavier songs that will scratch that particular itch. They put a lot of focus on creating musical journeys in the tracks, telling a progressing story over the instrumentation.

Those who enjoy the album, won’t have to wait long for more material, as the second album is currently underway. Endeavour is suitable for anyone who enjoys the eclectic and aggression of metalcore, especially fans of Sleep Token, Architects and Polaris.

“For The Time Being” is due out June 16th, 2023.