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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Epica reveal video for “The Last Crusade” (Live At Paradiso)

The celebrations for Epica’s 20th anniversary are in full swing. On September 2nd, the Symphonic metal titans will re-issue their first three albums “The Phantom Agony”, “Consign To Oblivion” and “The Score”, which have become milestones of the genre and rarities within the physical market. Each record will be available in either a CD box, a collector’s LP box or as an earbook and will come with previously unreleased bonus tracks for each album, as well as the spectacular live audio and video of “Live At Paradiso” and “We Will Take You With Us”.

The band, once again, returns to the past with the release of their evergreen anthem “The Last Crusade” performed during their legendary Paradiso show in 2006.

Guitarist/growler Mark Jansen remembers:

“’The Last Crusade’ was played very often in France during our early years as it became the anthem of our French fanclub, the French Crusade. That song always got the party going, great vibes from the crowd and great memories.“

Join “The Last Crusade” now and watch the live video here: