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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Exorcizphobia just dropped a new single and a massive set of dates for 2023!

The leading force of Czech crossover thrash metal, Exorcizphobia landed a few weeks before Santa Claus to deliver a bunch of great news!

Announcing the new album, their fourth full length, the band released a demo take on one of the songs titled “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Continuing their own, by now very much recognizable style of crossover thrash, Exorcizphobia has once again treated the fans worldwide with memorable riffs and catchiness rarely paralleled since the gilded 1980’s.

The album “Spiritual Exodus” should be out next summer. We will follow up on that.

In other news, once again proving themselves one of the most hyperactive bands around, the single is not all they’ve come up with.

Exorcizphobia is known for not missing many occasions to spend a weekend or even a week or two on the road. This time, the quartet announces the schedule for much of the following winter and spring. Spanning across nine countries, some of them the band will visit for the first time, the dates go through from mid-January to late May 2023. Here’s the full set of dates so you can pick one closest to home:

13.1. Česka 1 Music Club / Kutna Hora (Czech Republic)
14.1. Saloon / Brandys Nad Labem (Czech Republic)
10.2. Rock Hill / Ostrava (Czech Republic)
11.2. U Mrtvoly / Svitavy (Czech Republic)
17.2. Melodka / Brno (Czech Republic)
18.2. Rokac / Nove Mesto Nad Metuiji (Czech Republic)
30.3. Kunstverein / Nurnberg (Germany)
31.3. Taunus Festival / Oberursel (Germany)
  1.4. Basta Club / Gorlitz (Germany)
  6.4. Kapu / Linz (Austria)
  7.4. Mosh Metal Cafe Bar / Maribor (Slovenia)
  8.4. Gromka / Ljubljana (Slovenia)
  9.4. TBA
11.4. AKC Attack / Zagreb (Croatia)
12.4. Klub Fest / Beograd (Serbia)
13.4. Manufactura / Timisoara (Romania)
14.4. Riff / Budapest (Hungary)
15.4. Escape Metalcorner / Vienna (Austria)
28.4. Kulturak / Bratislava (Slovakia)
29.4. Gothoom Indoor / Žemberovce (Slovakia)
30.4. Hajovna / Žilina (Slovakia)
12.5. Depo / Velke Mezirici (Czech Republic)
13.5. Bugrfest / Stara Ves u Rymarova (Czech Republic)
27.5. Kozel Fest / Lesnice (Czech Republic)

Abaddon Magazine editorial will also have the pleasure of welcoming the band on our home ground, on April 12th in Club Fest in Zemun. More about that later on.

Meanwhile, enjoy “Down the Rabbit Hole” and Europe, get ready to mosh!