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Friday, September 17, 2021

Exxperior reveal “Escalating Conflicts” album details

The release date of the of the new album “Escalating Conflicts” by the German prog/thrash metal band Exxperior on CD via Iron Shield Records is Sepetmber 17th, 2021.

Exxperior started in 2010 as Tom Liebing’s project, plus various guest musicians and singers. At times as a live band; with a stable formation for the last four years now. Regular concerts and releases strengthened the stand in the metal underground scene. Now the plan is to break out with a new concept album. A fresh musical breeze that takes the listener on a more than 76 min journey and offers unpredictable surprises. Also the 28-sided Booklet needs time for reading the story and is a real eye-catcher! Are you ready for?

1. Exitiabilis Creatura
2. Escalating Conflicts…A World Goes Astray
3. Timeless but_Mindless
4. A.A.A.
5. The Agnostic Jam
6. Spirituality
7. Multidimensional Mindblow
8. Transformatus Erat
9. A Murderer´s Excuse
10. About Peace…The Presence of Justice
11. Masks of Men
12. XX
13. Join the Brigade!
14. The Ethical Meaning of Success
15. Anything

Exxperior are:
Falk Mittenentzwei – vocals
Tom Liebing – guitars, bass, keyboards, drum prog.

Band Live:
Tom Liebing – guitars
Karl Mergen – live drum
Chris Keksgrinder Carl – live vocals
Vincent Münster – live bass
Andre Bischoff – live guitars