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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Festival srpskog podzemlja presents new bands

On the second day of Festival srpskog podzemlja organizers present bands: Tona, Kratom, Larska, Pustoš, Claymorean, 3 A.M. and Scaffold.

Kratom is a three piece post core, post punk/noise/alternative rock band, formed at Brutal Studio in Novi Sad two years ago. The band released the EP “Narcissist”. Currently they are working on their first album.

After a long concert break, Tona is back! With the new line-up and new album that will be released in October, right on time for the FSP. Tona will present a furious mix of rock, punk and metal.

Larska comes from Kragujevac and combines different influences (stoner, grunge, psych, shoegaze, hardcore, desert rock). They perform in a kind of unusual line-up: drums and two bass guitars. Their massive sound incorporated with lots of effects, reminds of bands from the 70’s and 90’s. With their debut album “Can’t Steal It“ (2019), Larska shows their unique style that brought them numerous positive reviews.

Pustoš was formed in March 2019. In August 2021, the band started with concert activities. They will present their debut album “Suton” at FSP. Pustoš is a three piece band that comes from Indija and they play atmospheric black metal.

Claymorean is a heavy metal band from Lazarevac. They were formed in 2014, and by now they have released three albums via Stormspell Records: “Unbroken”, “Sounds from a Dying World” and “Eulogy for the Gods”. Claymorean can be described as a band that perfectly combines classic and power metal, with a lot of doom and epic elements. Recently, Loudwire magazine recognized Claymorean as one of the top 10 best new metal bands.

Scaffold is the oldest active death thrash metal band. This year they will celebrate 30years anniversary. Last year, Scaffold released “Codex Gigas”, the album they will promote at FSP.  They already performed at FSP, and this year, they are back to move the Earth with brutal metal sound.

3 A.M. is a band that has been working from the 90’s. They witnessed a lot of styles, but they remained loyal to hard core.So far they released EP “Time for an Awakening”. This year, they will present for the first time their EP in Novi Sad. 

See you on October 22nd!