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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Frenzy unleashes “Fear the Hood”

Spanish heavy metal band Frenzy has just unveiled their third video-clip, this time for the song “Fear the Hood”. The track is a powerful statement lifted from their second album “Of Hoods and Masks”, which debuted on April 20th, 2023, in 12″LP, CD, and digital formats via Fighter Records. 

Chapter 6: Fear the Hood

The theme echoes the rebellion against the oppressors who enslaved the protagonist’s ancestors, tried to silence him, and even attempted to kill him. The song screams for justice, a lone fight against the Klansmen protected by the system. Yet, it fuels the determination to stand against the tyranny, giving birth to the rallying cry, “Fear the Hood”.

“Of Hoods and Masks”, the sophomore album from this heavy metal and comic book enthusiast group, comprises nine tracks, seven of which spin an engaging story inspired by the celebrated Watchmen graphic novel.