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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Frenzy unveils second single with a thrilling lyric video

“Where is the Joke” is the second single off of Frenzy’s upcoming album “Of Hoods and Masks”. This lyric video is part of a conceptual story included in the album, which will be released chapter by chapter leading up to the full album release on April 20th, 2023. The album will be available in 12″ LP, CD, and digital formats through Fighter Records.

Chapter 2: Where is the Joke

A maniacal lunatic has devised a seemingly insane plan to prevent a catastrophic nuclear war: By inciting a smaller, controllable genocide.

But is this truly the best solution? To sacrifice millions of lives to save billions?

I’ve never been one to adhere to moral standards, but even I find this concept difficult to grasp. I’ve always viewed life as one big joke and never took things too seriously. But this time, I can’t find the humor in the situation. WHERE IS THE JOKE? WHERE’S THE JOKE HERE?

To be continued…

“Of Hoods and Masks”, the second full-length by the heavy metal and comic book fanatics band, will contain 9 tracks, including a conceptual story in 7 songs inspired by the Watchmen graphic novel.

1. One Minute Closer to…
2. The Doomsday
3. Where is the Joke
4. Spectre of Love
5. Uncompromised
6. Betrayal in Cold Blood
7. Fear the Hood
8. Living in Oz (versión de Rick Springfield)
9. Give Me Shred (Or Give Me Death)