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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Funeral Vomit announce “Monumental Putrescence”

Pioneering Colombian death metal act, Funeral Vomit, has just pulled the curtain back on their forthcoming first full album, “Monumental Putrescence”. Slated for a December 19th release through Xtreem Music, the album will be available across multiple formats including CD, 12″LP, Cassette, and Digital formats.

Funeral Vomit carved its niche in the thick of the pandemic in 2020. Drawing inspiration from the underground and cavernous realms of Death Metal, the band has consistently showcased a raw, visceral sound, which finds its roots in their Colombian heritage.

Before the imminent release of “Monumental Putrescence”, the band has cultivated a reputation with its previous works such as “Necrophoric Infestation” (2020), collaborative ventures like the split cassette with Mexico’s Heretic Ritual titled “Chants of Morbid Excruciation” (2021), a joint CD/Cassette project with Chinese Death Metal act Mvltifission, “Necrophoric Decomposition”, and their self-titled EP in 2022.

Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Infester, Autopsy, and Mortician, Funeral Vomit ‘s music is not just a homage to the greats, but also an infusion of unique underground Black Metal elements reminiscent of Bestial Warlust and Archgoat. The result? An unparalleled sound that is both haunting and deeply evocative.

Intro (The Entombment)
Immense Morbidity
The Mortuary Moon
Spectral Parasite
Cadaveric Apparition
Interlude (Towards the Abysmal Doom)
Monumental Putrescence
Necromantical Winds
Swarming Pestilence
Outro (The Sinister Mist)