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Monday, September 25, 2023

Gabriele Bellini unveils the official video for the new single “Inverso”

Gabriele Bellini releases his new album “Motus” via Quarock Records. To celebrate the event the well-known guitar player and teacher Gabriele Bellini unveils the official video for the new single “Inverso”. The video inspired by the TV series Stranger Things was directed by Lorenzo Meoni.

Queste le parole del regista del video Lorenzo Meoni:

“Mi sono occupato della scrittura, ripresa, editing e direzione del video di ‘Inverso’. Il brano ha in sé parole che comunicano curiosità ed analisi per il mondo che ci circonda, un universo fatto di meraviglie che vanno ad influenzare l’animo creativo di ognuno di noi. Ho voluto mettere su schermo l’amore del padre verso il figlio, il tramandare un valore attraverso una lezione di chitarra nell’intimità più assoluta, senza mai dimenticarsi del gioco, spirito e inventiva, che sono elementi fondamentali per la libertà creativa.”

Even the search for a certain type of sound to give the entire album is the result of a multitude of sounds and colours, some from the past and revitalised on this occasion, in a new harmonic and melodic context, driven by the basic elements (guitar-bass-drums). Everything is performed with the purest and rawest naturalness, while keeping alive that dynamic, expressive and communicative essence that characterises the entire work.

“Motus” takes this concept to the next level, offering a very wide variety of sound from classical music to alternative metal. A very intense work, featuring vocalists from completely different backgrounds, ranging from rap to metal.

Deep reflections, the constant search for new forms of expression, communication, responsiveness and action, the inexhaustible belief/love for beauty, today even more felt as a unique and unmissable opportunity for salvation/rebirth: “Knowing how to listen is the perpetual motion that makes the world go round”.

Gabriele Bellini maintains his own original identity, combining his impeccable technique with a profound inspiration from his soul, experimenting through sounds, new limits and musical boundaries.

“Motus” was written and produced by Gabriele Bellini, alongside with Giacomo “Jac” Salani who recorded, editated, mixed and mastered it at La Fucina Studio, FLorence. The artwork was created by Lorenzo Meoni (Imago Media).