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Gaerea announce”‘Limbo” on cassette

Cathartic black metal outfit Gaerea are now releasing a brand new live performance video for the tracks “Null” and “Glare”, which are taken from the band’s recently released album “Limbo”.

Gaerea comment:

“2020 was not by all means the year we were expecting to. From all the touring schedule being moved or even canceled to all the mental stress involved with releasing a new album during lockdown. Still, this was our best year to date, having reached new heights with such a prolific and soul breaking record as Limbo. Selling out all physical items within hours, receiving your messages from all over the world on how this record transcended into something else within your inner thoughts and helped you through the hardest of times is by far way more important than any tour we could ever do. With that being said, take this video as one of our last moves with Limbo. We locked ourselves down at the massive Arda Recorders Studio in our home city to deliver you the most organic feel Limbo could ever have. We surrounded ourselves with the right people, the right studio and the right production. Listen to Null and Glare like you probably have never experienced them before and most probably never will again. Let this Rotten world decide that for ourselves. Together with this live performance we are also releasing LIMBO for the first time on Cassette format. Pre-orders are up NOW and as always, we are down to the last ones. Thank you for understanding this record. Thank you for letting yourself drown with with as much as I personally did. We are all Gaerea. “Let your ripped out chest rot in the sky.”