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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Gentle Savage release official music video for “Personal Hades”

Gentle Savage have unleashed their debut album “Midnight Waylay” for streaming on all major platforms, at this location:


Furthermore, the band has released the official music video for “Personal Hades”, watch it below. 

Lead vocalist Tornado Bearstone stated:

“In order to celebrate our Midnight Waylay album release on all streaming platforms, we put together a music video for the song Personal Hades. The video footage is from our album release party streamed live in collaboration with the mighty BraveWords. We combined the live footage with the original album audio. The video looks pretty cool without anything else than the band working on stage with the cool light show around us. Enjoy!“

“‘Personal Hades is on the dark and heavy side of Gentle Savage’s repertoire. We feel as natural with old school rock tunes like Lovin’ Ain’t Easy as we do with these heavier more modern and even slightly proggressive tunes. Midnight Waylay album is a rollercoaster with it’s mood changes. Personal Hades really kicks in with force making way to what’s happening later on the album.”

Tornado adds:

“If the King of Hades starts to play electric guitar riffing and torturing souls, it might sound something like this…
Personal Hades is a story about mental and spiritual suffering. No help at sight, the narrator walks through the lands of Hades and cries for a rescue. Hades is used as a metaphor for the mindscape that exists inside a persons head when he/she is facing deep desperation at it’s worst. Welcome to the Lands of Hades’!”