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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Germany’s progressive black metaller Klabautamann releases “Numbered” vinyl edition

Teutonic progressive black metal pioneer Klabautamann is excited to announce that its latest album “Numbered” is now available in a 12” vinyl limited edition via Zeitgeister!

“Numbered” is a concept album around the topic that all things in life are actually limited, numbered, a contemplation deeply rooted in the songwriter’s own experiences of loss and grief that he had to deal with in the recent years. Thus this album represents a more conceptual take than the previous ones, offering a more homogeneous and denser sound, atmosphere and some kind of story line that can even be partially inferred from the song titles.

“Numbered” would never have seen the light of day in the final shape without all the guest musicians and other contributors that Steffens invited – also countering the state of isolation that the pandemic often left us in by initiating a versatile and vibrantly creative process. Bringing together such gifted musicians like Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie), Andreas Maerz (Steorrah), Marlon Drescher (Malus) and Stephan Wehrbein – to name only a few – and integrating their respective parts so smoothly that the album becomes much more than a mere assemblage of parts can be also considered an essential aspect of the artistic process involved in the creation of this album. This was also facilitated by the impeccable, powerful mixing (Anna Murphy) and mastering (Tom Kvålsvoll) of the album.

In the words of the artists involved, “Numbered” is an eclectic journey between darkness and light, beauty and beast; it’s an island behind the fog, new waves from dark waters, or a life resonating from within. It’s a mirror to the fears, depression and everyday questions. Mature music that grows on you.

“Numbered” proves that Klabautamann doesn’t have to hide behind the genre masters like Opeth or Enslaved, who were often cited by critics for reference. They shouldn’t compete either as they can claim their own narrow niche.