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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Gladenfold released first single and music video

Finnish Melodic Metal band Gladenfold are going to release their third studio album, “Nemesis”, on April 29th via Reaper Entertainment. As a kick-off, the band has released the first single and music video titled “Stone of Storms” and launched the album pre-order.

Guitarist Toke Gerdts states:

“Like most great music, “Stone of Storms” came together rather quickly. Being one of the initial songs we demoed for the upcoming album, it has stayed largely the same since then. Out of the album singles, it is the one which owes the most to classic power metal, while being a modern take on the Gladenfold sound. This song is definitely going to claim its place in our live set, and we are eager to return to the stage and perform this song in the years to come.”

1. Carnival Of The Hunter
2. Chiara’s Blessing
3. Stone Of Storms
4. Nemesis
5. Saraste
6. Solitude’s Bane
7. Revelations
8. Tapestry Of Creation
9. Broken
10. Gloria Eternal
11. Where Mountains Mourn