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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Gladenfold released second single and music video

Finnish melodeath/power metallers Gladenfold are going to release new studio album “Nemesis”, on April 29th via Reaper Entertainment. Now the band drops the second single and music video titled “Chiara’s Blessing”, which showcases the musical diversity present on the upcoming album.

Check out the video below.

Keyboardist Paavali Pouttu comments:

“Chiara’s Blessing” is a rich blend of emotional and melancholic soundscapes mixed up with pure fury and power. Although the song has changing moods and arrangements full of nuances, it has a straightforward drive to keep the listener on track. The title and inspiration for the song originates from a trip to Italy, Puglia region, where the song was written under the night sky, while hearing the waves of the Adriatic Sea hitting the coast. And just a week or two after this, Esko delivered his vocal demo with lyrics inspired by the song title. Hardly ever things just fall into place immediately with one go. This song is an exception.”