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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Glaston release new single and video ”This Is Us Colliding”

Glaston, the post-rock band from Basel and Zurich, Switzerland, is preparing to release its long-awaited album “I Am Whole” on November 11 via Dunk! Records and A Thousand Arms.

Glaston’s sound is defined by a synthesis of guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Through their instruments, they take the listener on a journey of exploration, tapping deeply into emotions and feelings within. The songwriting process behind the new album “I Am Whole” was the most personal for the quartet, yet: as a voyage into our innermost selves, the songs are uncompromising and upfront, audacious and absolute. By turns cinematic and melancholic, the album straddles the line between playful and dynamic. Whilst the 11 songs are unique on their own, they share one essential quality: they are honest.

The band released a new track of the album, “This Is Us Colliding” alongside an emotive music video in black and white by Fabian Willi Simon.

“I Am Whole” was recorded by Peter Voigtmann at Die Mühle, mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. The artwork was created by Chantal Convertini I paeulini.

1. I Am Whole
2. Colder Than Eris
3. Midnight
4. Rotbuch
5. Hello World
6. The Skinned
7. From Afar
8. Shimmering (Everything’s Connected)
9. Tearing Apart
10. Now Here, All Gone
11. This Is Us Colliding