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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Gothminister drops new video for single “Star”

Gothminister drops new video for single “Star”, out now on AFM Records, new album “Pandemonium” out 21st October.

Next Friday, October 21st, 2022, will see Norwegian dark and industrial metal act Gothminister release their hotly anticipated, new album ‘Pandemonium’ via AFM Records. Following previously released songs, “This Is Your Darkness”, “Demons” and the haunting album title track, today, the goth ministers have dropped a final music video ahead of official album release, for new single “Star”!

While the first clips and singles were part of a trilogy about the dark and evil Gothminister kingdom, “Star is about how lonely life can be for a rockstar or a celebrity, especially when your career has come to an end”, says band mastermind Bjørn Alexander Brem. “Think of a dying star in the horizon and you get the picture. This song is about the loneliness, separation and the feeling of emptiness which also many others might relate to. But hopefully this song also will cheer you up with its punchy guitars and driving beats. And remember, you are not alone, and Gothminister plans to be in the scene for many more years to come! So now just get out on the dancefloor and rock!”

With his captivating debut “Gothic Electronic Anthems” in 2003, Gothminister Bjørn Alexander Brem took the dark music scene by storm, unleashing a thunder of pitch-black magic. Powerful metal riffs march relentlessly arm in arm with huge orchestras and heavenly choirs, while the master himself reveals an astonishing range of vocal art: from the deepest gothic-dungeons up to the higher spheres of steaming rock. It’s the overwhelming combination of catchiness and darkness; a thrilling craft of composing within the marrow of gothic, industrial-metal and electronica, that became Gothminister’s trademarks ever since.

Tracks such as “Devil” (Gothic Electronic Anthems), “Monsters” (Empire of Dark Salvation, 2005), “Darkside” (Happiness In Darkness, 2008), “Liar” (Anima Inferna, 2011), “Utopia” (Utopia, 2013) – the last single from the CD/DVD horror movie concept album which even reached the national finals of the Norwegian Eurovision contest – or “Ich will alles” and “We are the ones who rule the world” which both entered the Top 10 of the German Alternative charts followed by an extensive tour with ASP, proved that Gothminister belongs to one of the most enthralling dark metal acts of modern times. Their new album, “Pandemonium”, will see the light of day on October 21st, 2022 via AFM Records.

Photo credit: Sabastian Ludvigsen