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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Gravelle/Perinbam reveal new video for “Black Veil Of Silence”

Ivory Knight guitarist Rob Gravelle and front-man John Perinbam have released their first original single as a duo. Black Veil of Silence speaks of abuses by figures of authority and harkens back to the classic metal sound of Iron Maiden and Ozzy during the eighties.

In a recent interview with Hard Rock Italy magazine, John explained how the duo wound up recording outside of Ivory Knight:

“The COVID-19 situation here in Ottawa made it impossible to rehearse with a full band for over a year. During that time, in order to keep active as musicians, working in isolation in our individual home studios became a necessity. So that’s what we did – I released my rock ballad Picture on The Wall in late 2020, then Rob kept me busy with the covers of Suspended Animation, Private Life, and most recently Mouse in a Maze.”

In addition to playing in Ivory Knight and recording the “Knightfall” CD with Annihilator’s Jeff Waters in 2009, Rob and John have collaborated several times on covers of classic rock songs, starting with Cheap Trick’s Dream Police back in 2010. More recently, the duo produced a trilogy of progressive rock songs, consisting of The Monks’ Suspended Animation, Oingo Boingo’s Private Life, and Saga’s Mouse In a Maze.

Check out the video!