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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Hadal is now streaming new lyric video “Red Again”

Italy’s Gothic Doom Hadal Is Now Streaming New Lyric Video for “Red Again”

Hadal has released the new album December over the past weeks and the time is now for worldwide audiences to taste some more of its gothic doom metal with the new lyric video for “Red Again”. 

Hadal conceived a melancholic and gloomy sound, always connected to the dark and the light that dwell in each of us, in other words, to the people’s feelings and inner tragedies. The band shared some words for the track:

“This song is a tale of passion, the burning flame of our emotions. A pagan feeling is here, driving the lyrics to the marriage of the opposites. Light embraces Darkness, as the sun fades away and the moon shines upon us.”.

1. December
2. My River
3. Red Again
4. Dark Water
5. The Obscure I
6. Without a Word
7. Nothing Here
8. Cold Lake
9. Stormcrow 


December has been recorded, mixed, and mastered at Track Terminal Studio by Francesco Bardaro, while the artwork is by Elisa Medeot.

Alberto – Vocals
Teo – Bass, Backing Vocals
Frank – Lead guitar, Backing Vocals
Max – Rhythm guitar
Daniele – Drums