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Monday, December 4, 2023

Hagalas released new single about war and totalitarianism

Finnish melodic death metal quintet Hagalas from Jyväskylä releases their second EP “As A Unit” on April 4th 2022. Earlier they have released “Crimson Tide” EP (2018) and three separate singles that have gathered excellent feedback from the audience.

Now they present single “Destination:Genocide” from the upcoming EP. The track title tells pretty much what the song is about. It’s about people blindly counting on the dystopic totalitarianism and believing that they are living a good life. But they are actually guided by tyrants. And we all know what is the most likely outcome from that situation.

“As A Unit” EP was recorded in autumn 2021 by the shores of Central Finnish lake Päijänne by Samuli Raappana (Tuuliajo). It is mastered by Tony Lindgren / Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. Hagalas composes it’s songs together as a band and so their sound has a power of playing really tight together.

Photo: ​Samuli Raappana