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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Haiduk deliver an explosive barrage of dark lore in music video for “Morph”

Haiduk, the solo project of Luka Milojica is an unrelenting, hypnotic force that greets listeners with a barrage of death-infused black metal that is prominently displayed on the latest release “Diabolica”, which was released in September last year. Now, Haiduk is releasing a music video for the single “Morph”. The entirety of Haiduk’s discography, which spans four full lengths, takes place in the fantasy medieval realm of Callost, the different albums feature maps, descriptions, and stories set in the world.

Milojica explains the album and the single in further detail:

“Pure evil, speed, and darkness, “Diabolica” is fast and crushing like a volcanic eruption, it ties together the dark lore of the previous albums with new stories, maps, and a timeline. “Morph” was one of the first songs written for “Diabolica”. It’s about a shape-shifting demon who can take the form of a shadow-being. I wanted the song to have a dark atmosphere and have a lot of energy and speed.”