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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Hegemone to release new album “Voyance”

Brucia Records is proud to present Hegemone’s highly anticipated third album, “Voyance”, on digipak CD and digital formats. The album will be released on September 15th 2022.

The first single “Odium” is now streaming at “Idioteq”, check it out!


After releasing 2 previous LPs, Hegemone are back with an incredibly ambitious work, shaping their already bleak and oppressive sound into something even more grandiose, desperate and terrifying.

“Voyance” is an incredibly inspired album, conjuring suffering and a sense of calamity by carefully combining gloomy and gelid black metal with the savagery of hardcore and the heaviness of sludge: folk instruments, electronic frequencies and freezingly cold riffs are all placed inside a massively dissonant wall of sound, creating a truly unique sonic nightmare.

A titanically heavy album, building a monumental and uncompromising architecture of rage, tension, disquiet and pain.

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