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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hegeroth released 1st song from upcoming album “Disintegration”

Hegeroth is a studio project playing black metal. Open to non-genre influences, diversity and multilayeredness. All while maintaining energy, speed and 100% metal in metal.

Hegeroth was formed in 2010 in Poland and already preparing to release its fifth studio album entitled “Disintegration”. The new release contains dark and unobvious melodies, and the diversity and multi-layeredness is reinforced by the disintegration of the title, announcing the imminent collapse of the ideological machine that imposes only the right model of thinking.

The “Disintegration” album contains 9 tracks recorded in the band’s studio – HH Soundlab Studios. The cover artwork was created by Maciej Kamuda (Blut aus Nord, Nunslaughter, Master, Kingdom, Zmarłym). Total Death Art is responsible for the layout, while Bene for the music production. The new release of the Silesian Hegeroth will be released on the most popular streaming platforms and as a jewelcase CD. Pre-order is available via Bandcamp.

Commentary to the new song:

“The title snake from the presented single with extraordinary perfidy slides through and enters the innermost recesses of our lives to sow propaganda of contempt under the guise of tradition and godliness. \m/Beware the snake \m/”

1. The Snake
2. Debased
3. The Dirt
4. The Ritual
5. Uplifted
6. The Shepherd
7. The Ring
8. The Queen of Spiders
9. An Accident