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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Helgrindur set to unleash new album this fall

Hailing from Solingen, the pagan/black/death metal commandos, Helgrindur, have just finished crafting a new album and inked a deal with MDD Records for its imminent release! The new sonic onslaught is planned to hit the shelves this fall. Established in 2010, this powerhouse of metal has built a steadily growing fan base through their dynamic live presence (including performances at the Aaargh Festival, Mahlstrom Open Air, and this year’s Ragnarök Festival), who are now eagerly awaiting the follow-up to their 2017 debut “Von Einst”.

The fresh album, recorded and produced in the confines of the 4CN studio, is once again set to explore the realms of fairy tales, myths, legends, and their own narratives. It will feature 10 epic tracks, all dressed in a pagan-infused death and black metal attire.

Prepare yourselves for a riveting metal journey, as more information will be unveiled soon! Stay tuned!

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