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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Helgrindur unveils “Fernweh” lyric video

This autumn, fans of the pagan metal genre are in for a sonic treat, as the esteemed Helgrindur is set to release their self-titled second album on October 20th. The album, a blend of death/black-inspired pagan metal, is a meticulous assembly of ten finely-crafted songs, each wrapped in haunting lyrics and a gripping atmosphere, brought to life by a distinctive melodic touch.

To give fans a taste of what’s to come, Helgrindur has released a lyric video for the first track, “Fernweh”, available now on the MDD YouTube channel. The video invites viewers into the enthralling world of Helgrindur, offering a glimpse into the unique atmosphere and lyrical depth that the full album promises.

The album “Helgrindur” will be available in two formats: as a CD in a jewel case featuring a detailed 24-page booklet, and as a limited edition digipak, also included as part of a specially curated box set. For those eager to secure their copy, pre-orders are currently open on MDD and Amazon.

An der Mühle
Das Mädchen am Teich
Herr des Waldes
Bergisches Land
Zur Ewigkeit

With over 45 minutes of riveting music awaiting, fans are encouraged to delve into the atmospheric melodies and captivating narratives of Helgrindur’s upcoming album. The anticipation is palpable, and the journey, undoubtedly, will be well worth the wait.

Helgrindur is an emerging force in the world of pagan metal, known for their death/black-inspired sound and profound lyrical storytelling. The band’s commitment to musical excellence and atmospheric craftsmanship has earned them a growing base of devoted followers, eagerly anticipating their latest offerings.