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Friday, January 28, 2022

Helion Prime pays tribute to mathematician Katherine Johnson

Helion Prime releases the second single for their upcoming album “Question Everything” out October 5th, 2020.

The single “Madame Mercury” is based on NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson. Johnson studied how to use geometry for space travel. She figured out the paths for the spacecraft to orbit (go around) Earth and to land on the Moon. NASA used Johnson’s math, and it worked! NASA sent astronauts into orbit around Earth. Later, her math helped send astronauts to the Moon and back. NASA could not have done these things without Katherine Johnson and her love for math!

There was no better way to release this song than with a video honoring her life’s achievements on her birthday!

Guitarist Jason Ashcraft adds:

“When researching everyone for this album each story was inspiring in their own way, but Katherine’s was one that really spoke to me. I admit I didn’t know much about her before starting this album, but I can confidently say after learning all I did about her she’s definitely a hero of mine. She was an amazing person and I hope this song can in some small way honor everything she’s done.”